The story of us (part 1)

Last year was one of the hardest years of my life, but near the end it all started to get better. When I decided to move to a new apartment, I knew immediately that I wanted to find a place where I could have a dog. Luckily, I found a great apartment in the neighborhood I loved that accepted dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Once I knew that I had found a place, I began thinking long and hard about what kind of best friend I wanted. Did I want a purebred? I didn’t really care. Did I want to rescue? YES! I knew immediately that I wanted to give a discarded pup a forever home instead of paying a breeder. Did I want a puppy? Well, yes, for the cuteness factor, but in reality, I knew that I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment. So, I settled on looking for dogs between the ages of 2-6. What size of dog did I want? I love big dogs, but realistically, I knew I couldn’t put a large dog in a one-bedroom apartment. Small dogs aren’t really my cup of tea, so I settled on looking for a medium sized dog.

I began looking online at dogs to adopt through various websites and organizations. It was overwhelming to say the least! There were SO MANY great dogs available that I wondered how on earth I was ever going to pick one?! Of course, I naturally gravitated to every large dog that was outside of my weight range, however, one particular dog I was looking at took me to another organization’s website. As I began looking through all of their available dogs, I saw a brown dog with very soulful eyes and lopsided ears. I read a bit about her, and moved on.

As I researched the organization more, I decided I really wanted to adopt from them because of their mission and what they believed. I checked their website daily, looking for any new dog that may be a perfect fit. I had countless conversations with my friends and random people about choosing a dog, things to look for, how to be prepared, etc. One day, I went back to that pup with the lopsided ears and really read her profile. And instantly, I fell in love and I knew she would be mine. Everything they had written about her were exactly the characteristics that I wanted in a dog. She was the perfect size and age, temperament and IQ.

I emailed the organization and began the (lengthy!) process of the application. And then I waited. Very impatiently of course. I emailed a couple of times making sure they had received my information and did they need anyone else’s phone numbers? (I was really excited) I had my interview, they checked my references, and I was set! All I had to do was figure out when I was going to make the drive to pick her up (the foster home she was staying at was 3 hours from Seattle). We settled on a date and place and made our way across the mountain pass through a snow storm.

We met about halfway for both of us which landed us at a gas station in the rain, so not the best place for an introduction, but as soon as I saw her head in the car, I knew instantly that I was in love. In my previous conversations with the owner, she had warned me that Ginger was a very independent dog, not a seeker of affection, and not one that warmed up to people super fast, therefore, I should just be prepared to win her affections over time.

After she jumped out of the car, she was, of course, overstimulated with new surroundings, so she didn’t pay too much attention to me. That is, until we all piled into my car to sign the paperwork. Once she was contained, she began excitedly giving me puppy kisses everywhere and attempting to move from the backseat to the front seat onto our laps. The owner just sat in amazement and said “I have NEVER seen her be this affectionate with anyone.” and then I knew, Ginger knew she was HOME.


One thought on “The story of us (part 1)

  1. Awww puppy kisses ā¤ it was fun reading about your adventures! We'll have to do a doggy date now that you are a Ginger-owner šŸ™‚ I'm sure her and Chloe would have a blast. Miss you girl.

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