The story of us (part 2)

After we finished the paperwork for Ginger, that was it. The woman gave her a quick pat, and off we went. Driving back, the reality that I now owned a dog was just beginning to sink in. I kept nervously looking in my rear-view mirror to see what she was doing, sitting or standing? Was she sleeping? Does she need water? Is she sad? Is she happy? I was kind of a basket case, even though I was also excited.

Once we finally made it back to the city, I realized “holy crap! I don’t have anything I need for her!”, so a stop at Petsmart was the first order of business. I chose food, dishes, and of course the most important thing: POOP BAGS! (side note: please clean up after your pets!).

We made it home safe and sound and thus began the process of getting to know each other.


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