Gettin’ in shape

So, one of the reasons I like dogs more than cats is because you can be active with them. It was important to me to adopt a dog who was willing and able to be physically active because that’s a big goal of mine for this year. So far, Ginger has definitely been both willing and able beyond what I can even do! But you know what? She inspires me!! When she’s trudging up those hills in Seattle or on a mountain, I have to trudge right behind her because I’m holding her. When I want to be lazy and sit my ass on the couch, her sad eyes staring at me push me to get up and do something fun with her. We walk three times a day, minimum and then several times a week we’re doing bigger activities. As the weather continues to improve, we’ll have more hikes. As her leash skills improve, I am hoping we’ll do runs together (she has a hard time staying at my same pace aka slow).

And ultimately, I want my baby girl to live a long and healthy life like me, so keeping her in shape is my obligation and joy, and keeping myself in shape for her is also my obligation (and beginning to be my joy). šŸ™‚


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