Wednesday evening, I was in a rather foul mood for various reasons. I was planning on taking Ginger to the dog park, except that when I got off work, it was cold, and raining. Blech. Why can’t spring just stick around?! We did a 45 minute neighborhood walk instead and then settled in for dinner.

Bf called and told me he was going on a walk/hike with the dog he is caring for this week, and did Ginger and I want to come along?
Me: “It’s raining outside.”
Bf: “It’s just sprinkling.”
Me: “It’s cold.”
Bf: “It’s not that cold.”
Me: “Meh. I’m grumpy.”
Bf: “OK, well you’re welcome to join us.”
Me: “Thanks, we’re staying in.”

Then, he sends me a picture of the walk, and of course it’s beautiful and I decide we should go.

So, we load up in the car, curse our way through rush hour, I5 traffic, and finally make it to Cougar Mountain where bf and Sydney are waiting for us, umbrella in hand.

Sydney is a 6 year old Australian Shepherd who is the main gal in her owner’s life. She is spoiled rotten and knows it, but she is also well-behaved and listens to instruction (for the most part). Being of cattle-dog decent, Sydney is prone to herding things which is hilarious. And when she herds, she puts her head low to the ground and growls a bit to let everyone know she’s in charge. But she’s a very sweet dog and never once actually tried to be viscous with Ginger. And, sometimes it’s good for Ginger to know she’s not the boss of everyone.

Since it was nearly 7:00PM on a rainy, Wednesday night, we basically had the whole mountain to ourselves, only one other car in the parking lot. Bf let Sydney off her leash, so I felt compelled to let Ginger off of hers. Off she went, running and running and running ahead. It then dawned on me this was the first non-park area I had brought her to. Oh boy. What if she sees a squirrel? OR A COUGAR?! Panic mode sets in once again as she’s flying up and down the trails, around corners and out of my sight. GINGER!! Silence….then here she comes TEARING back towards us, a giant grin on her silly face (yeah, dogs smile!). Her and Syd then begin their chasing, playing, silliness and we did an hour long hike through the mountain with no sightings of wild animals or humans (wild or normal!).

We arrived home, not exactly clean which prompted a second bath for Ms. Ginger. She did much better this time around, and I also put a towel down on the bottom of my bathtub so her feet wouldn’t slip around. I think she liked that. 🙂 She only tried to jump out once twice, and let me “completely” towel dry her before shaking water all over my bathroom. (side note: no matter how much you dry a dog with a towel, when they shake, they’ll still throw water EVERYWHERE)

We both spent the next hour laying down, me on the couch watching Food Network, and her on the floor re-cleaning herself and looking at me as if to say “See?? You just don’t do it right!”. Silly dog.


One thought on “Hiking

  1. If you enjoy hiking and sight seeing try the big four ice caves up on mountain loop highway. I know its a bit far from Seattle, but it’s pretty cool to explore. The best part is there are dogs on the trails all the time and it’s not a hard hike. Plus you have some great photo opportunities.

    Danika Harrison

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