The first warm Saturday

Last Saturday was the first “warm” Saturday we’ve had this year. It was bright and sunny when I sleepily opened my eyes at 7:00AM, and even sunnier when I re-opened them at 9:00AM. One of the best things I love about Ginger is that she likes her sleep. She’s not one of those wake up at 6:00AM and get in your face kind of dogs. She’ll sleep as long as you do. So, when I finally got up and started getting ready, she also got up and stretched and looked at me like “OK, what’s on our agenda today?”. Little did she know that we were embarking on a new dog park adventure.

We got ready and headed outside to do the potty thing, then I loaded her up in the car and we were off to Marymoor Dog Park where we were meeting a friend and her 2 pound Yorkie, Lulu. We arrived before them, so we familiarized ourselves with the area, and I learned that Marymoor isn’t a fully-enclosed park. Immediately, I was nervous. What if she got out? Would she just run and run and run and never come back? What if she saw a squirrel? (I have since learned that in reality, if there’s a dog park, there are no squirrels too close. They have learned that lesson.) We began walking and once we were a bit further in from the parking lot, I decided to take my chances with her and let her off-leash. I didn’t want her to feel left out because all the other dogs were off-leash. She stayed pretty close to me, and since little Lulu’s legs are about 4 inches long, we had to walk a bit slower than usual which she seemed OK with.

One of the really beautiful features of the Marymoor park is the little river that runs through it. They have built little steps leading down to the water so the dogs can get in and swim and play. I, being the new owner that I am, did not bring any towels with me so I just nicely asked Ginger to please stay out of the water. That seemed to work. She would venture over to it, give it a look, maybe take a drink, and then leave it, no interest jumping in. We did a full loop of the park and decided since it was so nice out to do another. At one point, Ginger stopped to sniff something or other and fell behind us by 20 feet or so, so when she decided to catch up, she came running at full speed and just jumped right over little Lulu. Pretty funny as Lulu had this look of “what the hell just happened??”.

On our second lap, Ginger decided to be a bit braver and really get her head near the water for a good long drink, and ooops *SPLASH* in she went! I looked over at the splash and saw her little head poking out above the water, and her little feet doggie-paddling back to the steps. The up-side: she knows how to swim. YAY! The down-side: WET DOG, NO TOWEL. 😦 So, we did yet one more loop around the park to let her dry off a bit.

After the park, I let her nap in the sunny back-seat (she was supposed to be in the backseat, but she decided to instead, nap in my seat) of my car while E and I had lunch.  Post lunch, we headed to a park in Bellevue to meet bf on his kayaking adventure. We sat on the dock, enjoying the sun and water, soaking in spring.

Since, I had no other plans after this little meet-up, I randomly texted a friend to see what she was up to. Not a thing, so Ginger and I made our way south of Bellevue for some backyard sun soaking. The best part of the backyard is that it is completely fenced in. Ginger was able to be off-leash all afternoon while J and I collected our vitamin D (and drank some wine!)

The only challenge to this particular adventure of the day was that J owns two cats. Oh boy. One cat, Paul is somewhere around 2-3 years old. He likes his sleep, likes wandering in and out of the house whenever he chooses and doesn’t care to be bothered too much. Moses is somewhere around 6 months old, and is a Maine Coon cat (very soft, fluffy and BIG). Now, I’m not a big cat person, but I LOVE Moses. He’s all adorable kitty-ness. He also has thumbs which is super cute. J rescued him from being an abandoned dumpster-diving kitty and he’s now thriving under her care.

We left the cats inside while Ginger was in the backyard. But, we left the screen door open, figuring once the cats saw Ginger, they’d just go lay on the couch or hide in the back room. Umm, that didn’t happen. They decided that since Ginger isn’t as big as the German Shepherd who usually visits, that they would stick around to torment her. They had a stand-off for a couple minutes before Ginger took me for a ride over the back of the chair I was sitting in. *sigh* So much for a leisurely afternoon. After Paul puffed up and charged the screen door, we decided maybe we should just close the patio door and the blinds. Once that was done, and the cats went back to their napping on the couch, I took Ginger off her leash and she spent the remainder of the afternoon prancing back and forth in the grass.

All in all, a fabulous, sunny Saturday spent with my best K9 pal, and wonderful friends. <3<3


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