The weekend in photos

Ginger had a full weekend! Friday night, we had an outing to a friend’s house with the fenced-in backyard so she was able to explore and run freely. I also tried to work with her a bit on the cat issue as the cats came to the sliding door multiple times. At first, she would charge the door, barking loudly, but the longer we were there, she calmed down and would either let out a bark here and there or rush to the door if she saw them. I count that as progress. 🙂 Maybe one day, she can learn to love cats…..maybe. For now, she’s happy to frolic in the grass when I can get her to forget about the kitties.


Saturday morning was Magnuson Dog Park. I *stupidly* thought that if I went “early” (aka 8:00AM) that we would have the park mostly to ourselves. Wrong. Apparently, everyone likes to go early on Saturdays. Oh, well. She found some good running buddies and we had a nice walk.But I forgot to take pictures.

After a doggie play date on Sunday morning, we loaded up to go have lunch with bf and like normal, I open the back door for her and she hops in. Then, I always toss the leash in after her, and she generally crawls up to the front seat. (she’s strictly a front seat rider unless bf is with us, and even then, she sometimes tries to sit on his lap as if to say “hey buddy, you’re in MY seat”) It wasn’t until I got settled into my seat and was ready to back out of the parking lot that I looked over at her and burst into laughter. This is what I saw:


I guess when I tossed the leash in, it was more like a lasso. Funny enough, she didn’t shake it off. So, I went to snap another picture and she yawned bringing about this lovely photogenic moment:


Then it fell off and our fun was done….except that these photos will live on, always bringing a smile to my face. 🙂 It’s these silly little moments together that make me love her so much more than I already do.

Post-lunch, her and I spent the afternoon laying on the porch in the sun:



And by Sunday evening, this is how we both felt:




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