As an American girl, I know the basics about where I came from. I’m a mutt, just like my pup. I have some Scottish, Irish, English, German, American Indian, and maybe one or two other things I forgot. The easy part of being human, is that when I can’t remember or didn’t know, I could just ask my parents or grandparents. I can’t ask my dog where she came from, so I have to trust that the rescue shelter was told the correct thing, or guessed the right combination.

They were told that Ginger was a Golden Retriever/Basenji mix. When they took her into the vet, she automatically said that she was also a Shar Pei mix based on the shape of her forehead. Since I have had her, I’ve had multiple people tell me that they think she’s *insert your choice of dog here*. One guy told me that he saw Whippet in her which I guess I could kind of see, but not really. A couple people have mentioned that she could have a little bit of Pit Bull in her as well. However, last night when I was in Mud Bay looking for tasty treats (another story for another time), another customer took a great liking to Ginger, just ooo-ing and ahh-ing over how pretty she was, how cute her ears are, and how well she behaved. She asked what her mix was, so I gave her the standard answer of Retriever/Basenji/Shar Pei and she said “Hmm, I don’t see Golden in her at all, or Basenji really. I was going to guess she was a Pharaoh mix.” I nodded and made the appropriate “oh, yeah?” thinking to myself “What the hell is a Pharaoh dog?!”. The lady then told me that they are striking dogs and she knew a couple that lived up on Phinney Ridge and that Ginger really resembled them.

So, once I got home, I decided to just do a quick Google search on Pharaoh dogs. I sat on my couch reading the characteristics of these dogs saying over and over “Hey! That sounds exactly like Ginger!”. Then I decided to search a Pharaoh/Shar Pei mix and see what popped up. What do you know? A link to a youtube video showed up with Ginger’s face staring back at me. (It wasn’t actually Ginger, just a complete look-a-like) I just sat there dumbstruck. Of course, I could definitely be wrong on this, and it’s not like she can correct me if I am, but it seems to fit.

Here are some of the qualities they list for Pharaoh dogs:

  • Great keenness for hunting small game (explains the craziness for squirrels and cats)
  • Medium sized
  • Likes to chase and very fast (ding, ding, ding!)
  • Alert expression (she always looks like she’s thinking)
  • Independent nature (oh boy, yes, yes and yes.)
  • Would prefer to sleep with its family (Well, here’s my bedtime problem)
  • Loves/Needs to run (I guess I better get back to my 5k training)
  • Not demonstrative but quietly affectionate (this actually sums her up perfectly)

I also learned some cool things about this breed like their health is apparently quite good, and they tend to live between 11-16 years. Yay!!

Of course, I know that I have to take into account that she is a mixed breed, therefore, I don’t know what else is hiding out in there, but it was nice to find some commonalities with her. I felt like I gained a little more insight into my baby girl.



One thought on “Genealogy

  1. Whole Dog Journal did an article a while back about the DNA testing you can have done on dogs to find out their breed. Basically, you get a sample (I think it’s a cheek scrape) of tissue, send it in, and they run it through their machines to tell you what breed the dog is.

    It’s interesting, but the results can vary… so it’s probably not worth the cost (which is enough that you’d expect accuracy.)

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