70 Degrees and SUN!

Sunday was, thus far, the most beautiful day of the year. The sun was out early, the birds were chirping and there was a light breeze blowing. Even though we were both super sore from our hiking adventure the day before, bf and I decided to walk into Wallingford for brunch. Along the way, the flowers were out saying “hooray for sun!”

After a great (free! Thanks to our server for dropping our food on the way out. I felt so bad for her) brunch, we decided to enjoy the sun by taking Ginger to the Ballard Locks. Bf hadn’t been there either, so it was a new experience for both of them.

We headed into the garden at Ginger’s usual fast-pace and headed back towards the locks. We watched the first round of boats go through, then decided to cross over and walk down to the salmon ladder. We were barely on the bridge when I realized Ginger was NOT a fan of this adventure. She slowed and hunkered down to a crawl, basically taking up the width of the bridge. When I tried to get her to move over to let other people going the opposite direction pass, she just laid down, refusing to move. Poor gal. I had to half carry, half, guide her the rest of the way off the bridge. Once back on concrete, she was fine. We watched more boats, then meandered over to the sculptures which I knew bf would like (he’s an artist!). Of course, since it was so sunny, we needed a picture, right?


And a picture of the beautiful Ballard locks

Then, in order to get back to the park area, it was back over the bridges, and back to Ginger crouching her way across. I found that if I jogged a little, she would move a bit faster to get off, so I did that. Once we were back on safe ground, I was trying to figure out why she was so paranoid about those bridges, and bf said it was probably because they are made out of aluminum. Apparently, for whatever reason, some dogs do not like that material under their feet. I had noticed before that when we are out walking, she always goes around ground coverings, so the bridge must have felt the same to her.I know she didn’t like it at all, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at her. It was cute.

The walk around the park was beautiful and I was even able to distract her before she caught sight of an innocent squirrel enjoying the sun, so my arm was spared as well.

We headed back to the house to drop Ginger off before finding a late lunch, and as I was messing around on my computer, I looked over to find two pooped-out pals, relaxing on the floor. Too cute, huh?


As a final end to a beautiful weekend, I told bf we should take a cute picture. And then this happened….


Yep, I guess we’re ready for Monday. 🙂


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