We hiked a mountain!

As the weather has been (sloooowly) warming up, I have been getting anxious to get out to the mountains for hiking. Last fall, I decided I was going to learn to hike and I made that a big goal for me in 2012. When I decided to get a dog, I knew I wanted an athletic dog that would be able to hike with me. Ginger was the perfect choice.

Early last week, I looked at the forecast for the weekend and of course, it said rain, rain and more rain. I was bummed. But, bf said “let’s hike anyways! It’s fun in the rain!”. I, of course, couldn’t imagine how hiking + rain = fun, but what the hell, so I said “OK!”. I have only been hiking on one mountain about 3 times, so bf asked if I wanted to try a new mountain, but I had set in my goals, that before I could move on to new mountains, I wanted to know I had conquered the current mountain, so I told bf that we were going to stay on Cougar Mountain, and I wanted him to put me on the most challenging trail.

When Saturday rolled around, it was a gorgeous day with temperatures hitting in the mid-60’s. Bf guided us up the mountain through a beautiful trail that most people don’t venture on. It was quiet and serene with a lot of old growth (meaning GIANT trees). When we reached the “Look out” point, we realized, there really isn’t much of one, but you could still tell that it was the top of the mountain.


It was an amazing feeling of achievement and Ginger did great through it all. Even though Cougar Mountain is technically an on-leash park, there was a stretch were I was able to let her off-leash to work on her recall training.

Since I handled the trail so well and we made good time, bf decided to add a couple more trails to the hike to really give me a challenge. We ended up hiking about 7 miles on two of the toughest trails on the mountain. Even though I was grumpy about halfway in, I’m happy he pushed me to do it, and I’m even more happy and proud that I did it, er, that WE did it! Ginger was with me the whole way. And let me tell you, she slept the WHOLE way home. 🙂

A big thank you goes out to bf for putting up with my crankiness during the hardest part of the hike and for seeing my potential and pushing me onward! 🙂

Here is a picture of the trails we hiked.

I can’t wait for us to tackle the next mountain together!


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