Yesterday, I had to run a few errands, one of them being picking up a few (MORE) things for Ginger. It seems like every time I think I’ve finally gotten her everything she needs, something happens and I find myself needing to go purchase something. (Side note: If you’re thinking of getting a dog, be prepared to part with that green stuff you work hard for!)

Since I brought Ginger home, I’ve done most of my doggie shopping at Petsmart. However, there is a MudBay store not too far from my apartment, so I checked them out one day and found that they have dog biscuits that you can buy in bulk and also mix and match. I figure, I like a lot of variety in my life, so Ginger probably does too, so I chose several different kinds for her and tried them out over the past month. Well, we ran out, so I needed to go buy more. I figured I would get her treats there, then mosey on over to Petsmart and do the rest of her shopping.

Now, every experience I have had with Petsmart has been a positive experience and I have zero issues with them. I’m sure I’ll end up back there at various times throughout my dog-owning years, but I stopped at MudBay first and ended up getting everything I needed there, no visit to Petsmart needed.

There are several things that I really love about MudBay:

  1. They’re local! People who know me, know that I make a conscience effort to support local businesses, especially ones who are trying to make the world a better and healthier place.
  2. They have a commitment to researching and providing only the best, and healthiest food and treats for dogs and cats.
  3. They have a commitment to educating themselves and their clients.
  4. Both times I have been in a MudBay store, I have had amazing service, been given helpful information, and Ginger has received lots of love and a treat (or two!).

There are other reasons, but I’ll keep my list short for now and let you all go in and experience it for yourself (if you live in Washington).

On yesterday’s trip, I came away with new food (chicken and brown rice), 1 pound of dog biscuits (variety), Salmon soft treats for training class and practice, a long line for obedience class, a Kong (more about this decision in another post), 120 poop bags (compostable!) and the satisfaction of keeping my dog healthy.


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