Discovery Park

Last night, I was going to head to Green Lake for a walk but the last couple of times we have gone, the squirrels have been out in large numbers and my arm is still recovering from the last episode, so instead, I decided that we would try Discovery Park.

The weather was perfect, warm without being super hot, windy without blowing me over. Just an amazing day for a quick hike.

I choose the most common trail and took a map along with me (thankfully, I’m learning how to read the trail maps and get myself where I want to go, which is good since I’ll probably do a lot of hiking alone this summer). Once we got closer to the water, we broke off onto another trail and headed down to the beach area to walk along the coastline. Ginger immediately went to the water for a drink which didn’t end well for her as the Puget Sound is salt water. She took a couple laps then shook her head as if to say “what the f**k?!”. Then she did it again, silly dog.

We strolled along for awhile, enjoying the sun, the peacefulness, and beauty. We randomly ran into a wedding happening on the beach, and had a black lab charge us (People, there are leash laws for a reason!).

On our way up from the water, we took another trail that was a pretty steep incline straight up, so that definitely gave me the workout I was hoping for.

We passed by a field of tall, tall grass and Ginger decided it was going to be her playground. For some reason, she has been really into tall grass as of late. Any area that we walk near with tall grass, she wants to walk directly through it. It was so cute watching her bound through it, sneezing at the blades poking her nose. I tried to capture pictures or videos, but only one turned out.

While on the trail, I took a few opportunities to practice our controlled walking, sit-stay’s and the “come” fundamental we learned. It was good to have her listening to me even with all the distractions going on. She only tried to leave the sit-stay twice, and the only problem with the controlled walking is that she doesn’t look at me, but other than that, pretty good success.

We hiked for about an hour and 15 minutes or so. Today I’m not sore at all, so I think it’s about time to head to our next hiking adventure: Little Si! My plan is to hike that this Sunday, so stay tuned. 🙂


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