Mental Stimulation

In everything I’ve been reading and/or hearing about dogs, they always bring up the fact that dogs not only need physical stimulation, but also mental stimulation, especially dogs that are home alone all day.

The more I read this, the more guilty I felt that Ginger probably just sleeps all day while I’m at work with nothing to do. So, I decided I would buy her a Kong as most dog owners recommend them. I decided to test it out with her while I was home on Sunday. I filled it up with soft treats, dog kibble, a couple biscuits to prevent the smaller pieces from just falling out, then smeared peanut butter over the hole and placed it down in front of her. It was so cute watching her try and figure out how to work it and I was excited to see her brow furrowing as I assume that means her little brain is getting some stimulation.

I took a couple pictures and videos and posted them below: Happy viewing!


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