Bff’s – canine and human

You know, I never understood people who would go on vacation and miss their pets so much. I think it’s because I never had a pet as an adult. The last dog I had was in high school so I never really left her much.

This past weekend, I went to Canada on a road trip for the day. I left my house at 6:00AM and didn’t arrive home until 8:30PM. It was quite a long day. But, the thing that surprised me most was how much I missed Ginger. Granted, it could have been for some selfish reasons, but I really missed her. I just wanted to be home, hanging out with her, walking her, talking to her. She really is becoming an integral part of my everyday life.

Saturday was the first day I had ever left her along and in someone Else’s care. My bff agreed to come by and walk her twice throughout the day and spend a bit of time with her. While I had every confidence that bff would be great, I was still a tad bit nervous, but of course, everything went smooth and wonderful.

I’m going to take a side track for  a moment here as well and brag a bit about my bff because before Ginger, bff was the other person who I would miss terribly if I didn’t see her often. Bff and I have been friends now for about 7 years. We’ve been through a lot of really great, really fun, and really silly times. But, we’ve also been through a lot of growing pains, a lot of miscommunications, and a lot of big life changes.

I have never had a friendship like the one I have with bff. I literally talk to her about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. She helps me process things, gives me advice, listens. Sometimes she just sits with me and let’s me cry. She knows me better than anyone else in the world and I trust her completely. But all of that didn’t come quickly or easily. We have had to work at our relationship over the years because we’re both very different people. But, at the heart of it all, we knew we loved each other and cared for each other, and therefore, we knew that whatever would try and come between us, we would work through, we would communicate because losing each other is just not an option, we were committed.

I often times joke with bff that I will never find a man who will mean as much to me as she does, and sometimes, I really truly believe that. The men that I have dated over the years have never seemed to want to stick things out through the hard times, through the points where communication was necessary. I have also had people criticize me for being nearly 30 and never been in a long-term relationship to which I just roll my eyes knowing that they can’t possibly know the depth of friendship I have with bff and how much it has taught me on all relationships. I would take my 7 years with bff any day over a 6 month, 1 year, or 2 year relationship with a guy who ultimately will just break my heart because of their unwillingness to work through the hard times.

I’m very spoiled to have her in my life, to know that whatever I’m going through at any point in the day or night, I can call her and she will come over and listen to me, that she is always there for me, that when it feels like things in my life are falling apart, she’s always there to remind me who I am, what I’m worth, when I’m right (and sometimes, when I’m wrong). She’s honest with me, she fights for me.

And I think the most beautiful part of our friendship is that I do all those things for her as well. We are completely equal in our friendship, giving and taking as needed. It’s not always all about me, or vice versa.

When I got home from the day trip, I took a much needed walk with Ginger to just quiet my soul down, to take a life break and just simply be. We walked to one of my favorite parks and simply sat, watching the evening turn to night around us.

It was a pretty great way to end the day…..


2 thoughts on “Bff’s – canine and human

  1. Ginger is beautiful:) I love to go on trips, but specially now that my girl, Alex, is 10 years old, my trips are to places where she can go with me. Therefore, trips outside of the US will have to wait, but no regrets whatsoever. To be quite honest, I think that the one with separation anxiety is me and not Alex:)

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