Little Si

Today, Ginger and I hiked Little Si. At 5 miles roundtrip, it was a mile shorter than our previous hike, but I had been told it was a bit more strenuous, so it would even out to about the same. We set off around 4:00PM and reached the summit at approximately 5:15PM, which was a lot sooner than I was expecting. Ultimately, it ended up being a much easier hike than I anticipated. So much easier, that I don’t even think I will be sore tomorrow.

It was a beautiful hike, with a lot of old growth. For being late in the afternoon, we still ran into a lot of people on the trail, making my desire to find more remote trails even bigger. Maybe I will get into this whole backpacking thing after all.

Little Si was going to be my mid-summer goal climb, but I seem to be achieving more than I expect sooner than I expect (which I’m definitely NOT complaining about!). I need to research more trails and design a plan of what hikes I will tackle and when. I had planned on making Mt. Si my end of the season hike, but I think I’m going to tackle that in July instead, because Ginger and I….well, we basically kick-ass, so no need to wait.

While Ginger still needs some “trail-training” (aka: she likes to hog the entire trail when people are trying to pass; she takes the best route for her instead of thinking of me; she likes to poop right into a hike where there are no garbage cans and I’m left carrying poop the entire hike….or burying it :-/), she really is doing much better. She’s not pulling me as hard on the descent, and she’s listening more when I call her to come instead of sniffing every fern along the way.

One of the things I’m loving most about hiking is the amount of time you get to disconnect from the world and the quietness to be able to think and contemplate. It really does re-balance me, but there are certain hikes that require someone to be present as a moment of just…..well, a moment to be shared.

I dreamed of a day when I would be strong enough to do activities that required this amount of skill, strength, and endurance and now I find myself doing them and excelling! I find myself craving more, pushing myself further, it’s very surreal sometimes.

I look at my life and I am so overjoyed with where I am, with who I am and the fact that I have the most amazing dog in the world. And someday……the right guy will realize all of that too…….someday.

Nearing the top….


I have never seen rock climbing out in real nature, so I had to capture it. I was intrigued, terrified, and REALLY wanting to do it all at the same time….I foresee a 2013 goal!!!


2 thoughts on “Little Si

  1. Ginger is so cute!! A tip for the poop issue (my dog likes to do it right off the bat as well) – carry an empty Pringles can (or Lay’s Stax, they’re lighter) in your pack and put the full poop bags in it. Bonus: trail mates will get excited about the prospect of potato chips and you’ll get a laugh when they open the can. ;^)

    As for this summer (whenever the snow melts) – I recommend two of my favorite hikes, Noble Knob (by Rainier but outside of the park so dogs are allowed) and Melakwa Lake (make sure you walk around the lower lake to get to the upper, more scenic one).

    I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures with Ginger!

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