People vs. Dogs = Dogs win

I have discovered why people sometimes ditch having relationships with people and just stick with animals. People are……complicated! There are a million different explanations for that statement, but suffice it say that this weekend, I have had my fill with difficult people.

However, despite those circumstances, I have also had a couple of amazing times developing deeper friendships with people that I may not have otherwise. But ultimately, I have had a lot of quality time with my dog over the past week and a half or so.

Today, I took her to the dog park and experienced her “teenage” behavior. I was so irritated with her that I ended up just clipping her leash on her and marching her out of the park. I think she got the point because she stayed in the backseat the whole way home, which normally she moves to the front seat with me.

The hardest part about dealing with her naughty behavior is trying to determine how much patience to give her versus letting her know that I’m upset and won’t tolerate the behavior. It seems to be a very fine line, one that goes against the “positive reinforcement” philosophy that I’m trying to adhere to. What do I do?!?! 

While I know that having a human child is 10 times more demanding, having a dog is quite the emotional roller coaster sometimes. And, what’s worse is that you’ll never be able to teach them communication like you can a child. Grrrr!!

I hope that today was only an explosion of her need to run and be social and not a straight-out naughty act, but no one will ever know. I can just cross my fingers that tomorrow is better.


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