Dating with dogs

As I move back into the dating world, it’s strange to realize that whoever I end up in a relationship with will have to love Ginger too. I wonder when in the dating process will they meet her? Ginger typically loves everyone, but it would be interesting if she was opposed to someone. I feel protective of her, almost like a child, where I don’t want her to become attached to someone who may not be around for a long time. I made that mistake already and I want to be more cautious this time around.

I often wonder how much about relationships dogs understand. Does she know why she hasn’t seen my ex in a long time? Does she pick up on my emotions towards him? Does she miss him? Will she determine how much I care or not care for someone when we’re together? Maybe these are silly questions, but I do wonder.

I’m going on my first first-date, post-breakup this upcoming weekend, and while I am excited, I’m nervous as well. I have the typical jitters: What will I wear? Should I wear heels? What will we talk about? Where will he take me? And I just have to remind myself that the first time we spoke, conversation flowed quite naturally and his wit continued to keep me laughing, so I think all will be OK.

It also comes after a somewhat terrible week, reminding me that I’m someone of value, of substance, and that guys do see that and it resurrects hope that there is someone out there who will catch me and not let me go, who will want to spend the rest of their lives loving me and appreciating all that I am.

But until that man arrives, I’ll be content to go on dates and come home to this gal:


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