Anniversaries galore!

This week has several anniversaries for me and one special birthday.

June 12th was my one year anniversary of my college graduation. It was one of the best days of my life. I remember the feelings of achievement, of complete pride, knowing that I had accomplished a huge goal in my life. The whole day was remarkable. I still have moments where I sit back in awe of where I am today and how much I’ve achieved. Hard work really does pay off.

June 13th is my mom’s birthday, so it’s always been a special day in the family. But, last year, it became a different memorable day for me. On this day last year, I was at the doctor’s office having my lymph nodes examined. I went for a cat scan and received a call that evening from my doctor that it looked like I had lymphoma and I was going to have to be referred to an oncologist and have more tests to determine everything. It was probably the worst day of my life. The feelings of pure panic and fear, of not knowing how bad it was, would I live or would I die?  The feelings of being completely out of control, not able to help myself, not being able to do anything but wait. Sitting back and reflecting today on the past year, the ups, the downs, the treatments, the appointments, the pain, the complete breakdowns when I just didn’t want to keep going, the amazing people who continued to encourage me, that one phone call that told me I was cancer free……it all seems so….surreal. Sometimes, I wonder if it actually happened, or was it a dream? No, it happened and I have the scars to prove it, but it’s over. It’s done. I won.

June 14th is Ginger and I’s 3 month anniversary of being together. I can’t believe how much my life has changed with her. As I look back on everything I’ve already learned, the difficulties I’ve had, I can’t help but be completely thankful to have her in my life, there for me at the end of each day, happy and wagging her tail. She’s a doll and exactly who I needed. We continue to live each day, discovering new little quirks about each other.

All in all, its a big week for me, one full of memories and emotions.


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