Weekends are meant for friends

I had a good weekend, filled with great people. I’m always overwhelmed at the amazing people I have in my life who allow me to just be me, good or bad, stable or unstable. I’m always happiest when I’m with the people I love.

Friday night, I got to satisfy my little type-A person inside and do some organizational things for a group I belong to. I spent a good 3 hours laughing, counting, writing, being sarcastic, and getting to know new people who I really enjoy.

Saturday was supposed to be hiking with bff, but we both agreed to sleep in a little. Side note, Ginger usually sleeps next to me, but either near the foot of the bed or about halfway up. Saturday morning, I woke up to this:

Yep, she had scooted up and was using the pillows. Gosh, she’s so spoiled!! And yet, all I could do was smile (and take this picture) because she was too cute.

Unfortunately, my planned hike didn’t happen due to mechanical issues (I hate cars), so we stayed in the city and walked through Discovery Park. I’m finding the more I hike, the less thrilling small parks are to me. There’s no challenge in them, and generally they have too many people. Regardless, it’s always nice to be with bff. Post park, we headed for brunch, then I went home and took a two hour nap with Ginger. Later, it was out on the town with my two favorites, with continuous laughter, inside jokes and Big Buck Hunter. I’m not sure anyone on the outside ever truly appreciates our humor as much as we do.

Sunday had a lot of different plans in it, and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to juggle everything, but instead of trying, I just scrapped it all and decided at the last minute to leave the city and go hang with a friend in Poulsbo, WA. It seriously went like this via text:
Me: If I left now, would I make it to you before kickoff (Sounders vs. Portland)?
Him: Leave RIGHT NOW, and you should.
Me: OK!

And I hauled ass to the ferry docks. There are days when living in Washington definitely doesn’t suck. Sunday was one of those days.

About an hour later, I was enjoying a nice Rhubarb Scotch Ale and watching the game.

After a devastating loss, we decided to walk around the town a bit. Poulsbo is a cute little town, with touristy shops and great restaurants. It also sits right on Puget Sound which means you get a lovely view of the water, and the smell of salt-water in the air.

Finally, we decided to head to a couple local, tiny breweries and have a couple beers. Well, I got to have beers. Due to being on-call, Doc had to stay sober. The first brewery I’ve forgotten the name, but it was basically a brewery in a garage. (I wasn’t kidding when I said tiny) Great beer and more “getting-to-know-you” time was had.

The final brewery ended up being on a farm of sorts. There were chickens and pigs, dogs of all various breeds, a man in a kilt and zero city noise. The sun was out, we had a knock-off version of Jenga on our table, and a small wind up monkey (don’t ask).

International male super-model?! 😉

(See the kilt?!)

I won both games….cause I’m that good. 🙂

See?? PIGS!

I may or may not have stepped over the wire to pet them. Please note: pigs aren’t huge fans of being petted. They seemed to just tolerate me more than anything.

The day ended with deeper conversation, pizza, me being a klutz and spilling wine on the table, and a new appreciation for being allowed to be my imperfect self, trusting that I won’t be judged, but will be loved for exactly who I am.


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