All about Ginger

I have to admit, I’ve been using this blog for my own personal stories as of late, and not posting as much about my favorite girl, so here’s a catch up on what’s new in her world.

To first follow-up: I called the vet and spoke with them about her torn pad, and they suggested cleaning her foot twice a day with warm, soapy water, and putting a cone on her to keep her from licking or biting at it. Man, she’s really going to hate me for this. 😦 One of my friends has given me the challenge that if I really loved her, that I would wear a cone as well to make her feel less silly. I’m still contemplating if I’m going to do that…..(well, not at work of course!!). The incentive is free drinks. I do enjoy free drinks. :-/

The day we climbed Mt. Si was also Ginger’s final obedience class, but we ended up not making it as we I was too exhausted from the climb to have any patience left for training. However, I received an envelope in the mail the other day that contained her certificate of completion. I was elated! Ginger just looked at me funny, but she allow me to take several “graduation” pics of her.

Over the past couple weeks, we have been using one of the dog parks closer to our house. It’s much smaller than Magnuson, but she still has plenty of room to run, and it’s on/around a hill, so I can just stand at the top and watch her run all over and not feel like I have to chase her down.

The park does happen to be in Squirrel Heaven, so when she catches sight/smell/sound of a furry creature, there’s no trying to get her attention back to chasing dogs.

The other day, while at the park, I watched as a pack of about 7 dogs ran round and round the park for about 10 minutes before they all pooped out and needed water. As I watched them all sober away in the water dishes, I suddenly had a thought: “Is this sanitary?!” OK, maybe that’s dumb, but I’m actually really curious, should I be letting Ginger drink out of a communal water bowl? If someone has a mangy dog and they drink out of the bowl, then Ginger drinks, can she catch a disease? (I know what you’re thinking, I’m going to be that mom who is constantly pulling out the hand sanitizer at the swing-set. Well…’re right!)

Other than that, our lives have been pretty standard. I’m contemplating buying Ginger a pair of booties for walking so she doesn’t tear her pad again. Is that dumb? Looks like I need another trip to MudBay….oh darn. 😉


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