Rattlesnake Ledge

I have been trying to do this hike for the past three weeks, and every time I’ve tried to go, something happened to prevent me. After I did Mt. Si, I decided I would scale back the intensity of hikes I did for awhile. When I looked up Rattlesnake Ledge, I thought to myself “Eh, 4 miles? That’s it? Easy!”, and didn’t bother to put together that the 1,200 feet of elevation would be achieved in only two of those miles. Rookie mistake, Becca….rookie mistake.

So, my friend Brenna asked when we could hang out this week and I asked if she would be up for mid-week hiking and she said “yes!” so last night, we headed out of the city at 5:15PM and towards the mountains. As we began hiking, I quickly realized this was going to be a bit more intense than I originally thought. By about 1 1/2 miles in, I was sweat-Y. But at 2 miles, it was completely worth it because the top of that ledge might have been the most beautiful thing I’ve seen yet! Stunning views, a perfect breeze, complete bliss.

Since we were hiking on a weeknight, later in the evening, there weren’t many people on the trail, so I decided to let Ginger take this hike off-leash. She behaved really well, coming when I called her back, and not bothering people who passed. The only point that scared me was right past this sign, she got a burst of energy and went running, full-speed near the edge of the cliff. Scared the living daylights out of me, and I decided she was going back on the leash until we started our descent back down. (Eeeeek!)

This is looking out on North Bend and to the right is Mt. Si (yeah, that GIANT mountain I climbed a few weeks ago!)

My favorite girl, peering over the ledge. She’s much braver than I….I actually think she was looking for chipmunks. :-/

Brenna, enjoying the scenery.

Finally, the summit! Looking down on Rattlesnake lake, it has this beautiful green color to it. It’s truly an experience, one I’ll never forget.

Brenna took some amazing pics (which I will probably steal and put some into this post after she gets them up on facebook..shhhh!) She was also quite taken with a deep crevice-thing that scared the bajeezus out of me. She kept leaping over the gap with me having a near heart-attack each time.

Off in the distance you can see Snow Lake (another hike on my list to do!). For being a cloudy day, it was incredibly clear at the top.

I kind of love this pic. 🙂 Brenna has the good pics of us together, so I’ll add them at some point.

She wasn’t really cooperating for my cute picture I wanted. Nothing new there.

Brenna scrambling down to another look-out point.

She seemed very pensive…I like to think she was pondering the beauty of life. In actuality, she was probably saying “where’s the squirrels?! WHERE’S THE SQUIRRELS?!?!”

We also met a really cool three-some at the top, a married couple and their friend. They talked about various hikes they’ve done, and we shared stories about our dogs. I love that hiking brings people together.

We headed down (which was a lot faster!), and walked around the lake a bit. I again, let Ginger off-leash and she played in the water some. Something about water though makes her a little crazy. She got all excited and riled up and jumped all over Brenna. She’s a great friend because she puts up with my dog’s crazy shenanigans.

More pictures! I’m telling ya, they’re going to be way better than mine.

Loved the clouds coming over the top.

Standing on a rock, observing the peacefulness and beauty.

It was a glorious hike, another one to go onto my “FINISHED” list. It was lovely having Brenna along to chat with, talk about life with, laugh with, and just be with. We’ve both decided this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. ❤


2 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Ledge

  1. Love it – Rattlesnake was one of my first hikes! Our friends live within walking distance of it, so we get to hike it quite often now. Such a great view for a hike so close to civilization.

    The lake in the distance is actually Chester Morse Lake which provides drinking water for Seattle. That whole area is in the protected watershed, so no hiking there. Snow Lake is up by Alpental/Snoqualmie Pass.

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