Snoqualmie Middle Fork Trail

Surprise, surprise, we had another cloudy, raining weekend when I wanted to go hiking, but did that stop me?? Of course not. I’m actually getting pretty good at sloshing through mud. Since I had just put in 4 miles on Rattlesnake Ledge on Thursday, I decided a longer and easier trail would be the way to go for Saturday. Per Doc’s suggestion, we headed out East to hit the Snoqualmie Middle Fork Trail.

On our way, we decided to grab breakfast and while discussing our hiking plan, we discovered that I needed a different pass to be able to park in the National Forest area. Unfortunately, the Ranger Station was closed, so I wasn’t going to be able to get one there, but we just so happened to be right next to an REI store, so we popped in there to see if they sold them.

They did! Now, I am the proud owner of TWO passes and should be able to hike wherever the hell I want to for the rest of the year. 🙂

We should have been on our way after that, right? Wrong. I got a little “sidetracked” in REI and began looking at the backpack I had been coveting for a few months now. And……I bought it! I couldn’t stop myself, it was there, it was pretty, and it was an incredible difference from my old-school Jansport backpack I had been using.

Aren’t you jealous?! 😉 I’m not going to go into the boring details of all it’s features, but suffice it to say, it has EVERYTHING I wanted, and features I didn’t even KNOW I wanted. And it really does make a huge difference while hiking. I’m excited to try it out biking as well.

Now that my wallet was lighter, we headed back onto the road and towards our remote destination. I couldn’t believe how far off the beaten path this place ended up being. I drove down a pot-hole filled road for what felt like 10 miles (though I’m sure it was only 3 or 4). Regardless, we were pretty secluded.

Once we reached the trailhead, I switched out my backpacks, and we were on our way!

As with most hiking in the Cascades, there is a lot of green, and I just love it so much.

This particular trail runs next to the Snoqualmie river, weaving in and out, and next to this big mountain. I have no idea what mountain it is, but it is quite impressive, especially with the clouds hovering around it.

We came upon an area that had had some form of landslide hit it. It’s quite humbling to see how nature can be so violent.

We saw a bunch of these little rock towers along the way and I was informed that people build these for markers along the trails. Although, we saw a bunch of them, so I think some people just do it for fun. We made our own on the way back….you’ll see it later. 🙂

This was the first stream we had to cross, and I thought myself pretty cool for “forging a river”. Little did I know what was ahead.

The trail wound back along the river and we got to enjoy the “whooshing” sound of the melted mountain snow flowing really fast downstream. It was definitely not the time to go swimming!

So picturesque. I could have stayed here all day!

I was a happy hiker.

My hiking companion

I’m not sure if it’s due to the mountain snow melting or the copious amounts of rain we’ve had lately, but there were several places where the trail had been washed out, or was nothing but pure mud. There was even a spot where the trail was just GONE. This is Doc showing how helpful he is at holding up banks so that we could still hike.

So, this lovely pictures shows an area where the trail was just gone. Doc went one way to see if it would work, but I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, so we found another work around for it. Going the way I did required me to climb up an approximately 4 foot dirt wall. As I was approaching, we were talking about how we were going to get Ginger up the mini-cliff, and I said I would just pick her up and hope I could lift her high enough. As I neared the wall, Ginger took one hop and was back on the path! We just looked at each other, mouths open and said “Well, OK then!”. That solved that problem. Next, it was my turn. I found a couple large rocks to get my feet on, and actually was thankful I had been rock climbing before because it really came in handy! I pushed my body up and grabbed onto Doc’s hand, and with a final pull, up I came, and down went the wall of dirt, literally crumbling beneath my feet as I moved them onto the path. Talk about spooky!

I know it’s pretty blurry, but that’s Ginger looking down at where we had just climbed out of.

This was the next river I forged, but sadly, I forgot to take a picture of it. It’s about 15 feet across, and the only way to cross is jumping from rock to rock. On our way in, we stopped here to eat a snack, and on our way out, we stopped for a cold drink.

And I got photobombed.

Then Doc made his own marker. (Don’t worry, we took all the cans with us when we left. We’re responsible!)

Ginger got a nice break too (and lots of treats!)

My little deer ❤

We did somewhere around 10 miles roundtrip and had a really good time. The rain even left us alone until we got back to the car.

I had no idea you needed to register before going into the forest. When I asked why on earth they needed this, I was informed that it was in case of a problem. Yikes. That’s a scary thought.

All in all, another great hike, and nice to one not as intense as the past few. 🙂


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