Life moves

Hiking has been on the back-burner the past couple of weekends as other life things have taken precedent. Believe me, I’m dying to get back out on a mountain, and I believe Ginger is too. Hopefully, we’ll get out on Saturday before my birthday party, although I’m not sure which hike I want to do next. I need to stay in the North Bend area, so I should take a look at my spreadsheet and see which hikes are left. One that’s really been on my mind lately is Mailbox Peak. I know it’s a hell of a hike (which only pushes me more towards accomplishing it), but I feel as though it will symbolize something for me. At the top of the peak, there’s an actual mailbox that people put things in, and I have something very specific that I want to leave at the top of that mountain, so, maybe I’ll give it a shot and see how tough I am.

And speaking of birthdays, I can’t believe mine is coming up so soon! I’m still not sure if I’m ready to turn 30, but I guess it’s going to happen whether I want it to or not. I’m actually working on a list of 30 things I want to do/accomplish in my 30th year, and while I’m not sure I can actually come up with 30 things, I’ll be happy with a list of any amount as long as they mean something to me. I just really want this year to be good, fulfilling, and personally rewarding.

One of the goals I’m actually looking into today. I’m not going to say what it is yet in case it doesn’t work out, but if I decide to pursue it, I’ll fill everyone in. It’s a pretty big decision for me, and I’m pretty at the possibility of it.

In any case, here are some new pics of my most favorite girl over the past couple of weeks….

Obviously everyone loves a dog in a hat 🙂

There’s a great park, not far from my apartment where Ginger and I love to go play, walk, and read.

One of my fav’s

We just can’t quite get enough of each other 😉


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