Epic Hiking Fail

Abbi and I headed out on Saturday with a plan, a plan to hike one of the more difficult hikes in western Washington. However, apparently the universe had a different plan because we drove ’round and ’round looking for where we were supposed to park to find our trail-head and could not find it for the life of us. So, we finally decided to move onto the back-up hike. It was a nice 6 mile hike, with only a 1,500 ft elevation gain, so it didn’t scare me in the least. At the top, there were going to be beautiful falls.

We found the parking lot and trail-head and started out. The trail was nice and wide, easy incline with beautiful scenery. About a mile into the hike, we noticed another trail-head that split off in a different direction which was smaller. We stayed on the main path and kept trekking. About another 3/4 of a mile up, we turned a corner and found ourselves in a much steeper switchback. We trudged up that switchback and stood huffing and puffing ready for the trail to even out again. Nope. Wasn’t going to be happening, in fact, the next 2 switchbacks just turned corners to new, steep switchbacks.

At one of them, we met three girls coming down, and they stopped to ask us if we were looking for the fall to which we replied yes. They then informed us that we were on the wrong trail and they had hiked 4 miles up looking for them before realizing something was wrong. Thankfully, in the age of smartphones, I was able to whip out the iPhone and look up the trail information. Yep, we were supposed to take the small offshoot trail back down at the 1 mile mark. Grrrr.

We headed back down, and took the trail we were supposed to have taken to begin with. About a mile and a half in, we found the sign telling us we were only 1 mile from the falls. Success! However, that last mile was switchbacks up the rocky side of the mountain. Steep switchbacks, mind you!

Friends, I’m sorry to tell you that we did not make it to the falls because as close as we got, we were still not near enough by the time we needed to turn around to make it back to the city in time to get ready for my birthday party. What started out as an “easy hike” turned into my first hike of the year that I did not complete which was a complete bummer, however, there were still spectacular views and good times had.

That’s the most “falls” we saw that day. Sad.

We were still happy to be out on the trail.

I love when she gets the “Worried” wrinkles. 🙂


Beautiful scenery abounds!

As close to the top as we were gonna get that day.

The best part of any hiking endeavor! Mmmmmm……

And since Ginger can’t enjoy a nice beer, she enjoys a nice nap with a pillow.


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