A needed weekend

This weekend I had a lot of fun which was an amazing change from the past days.

As my week wound down, I enjoyed a great red wine on my deck with Ginger. I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to choose great-tasting wines now instead of just grabbing whatever is cheapest. I think my palette is officially refined.

I don’t really have pictures from Friday’s adventure, but I spent some very quality time with Sarah. We used to regularly have Becca/Sarah dates, but with life being so crazy and us having so many friends in common, we rarely spend time, just two of us. We did a classic dinner and a movie night, except “dinner” turned into about 4 1/2 hours of talking and laughing over pitchers of beer, and we ended up catching the latest showing of Batman. Yes, I finally saw the third one. I’ll reserve my critique until asked.

Life doesn’t get too much better than sitting on a deck, on the lake, eating lunch with the promise of time on the boat later on. I did this on both Saturday and Sunday.

Ahh, the open seas lake! It was a glorious time (even though I bit my tongue when we came down hard on a wake). Sarah is an excellent captain btw.

Once back to the house/dock on Saturday, I donned a life jacket and decided to try out my swimming skills I have learned. I floated out into 12 feet of water and had a blast! I even jumped off the dock into 7 feet of water! I guess those vodka lemonades really gave me a lot of self-confidence. 🙂

I also enjoyed a lot of time in the sun (fully sun-screened of course!), and I stole the Captain’s hat for a bit. Muahaha!

Then we randomly were given three tickets for the Seahawks vs. Titans pre-season game. Yeah, these were our seats. We could practically spit on them, haha.

Yes, we were three happy girls in those seats.

And the night wouldn’t be complete without a BFF picture, lake water hair and sans make-up. BFF always looks beau-TI-ful just the way she is….I looked OK for non-showered-no-make-up-look.

Then I “borrowed” some sunglasses because I’m looking for a new pair. I think they look cute, right? He didn’t let me keep them. 😦

To wrap up, this weekend was exactly what I needed and who I needed to be with. There was a lot of laughing, a lot of thinking, a lot of good chats had. I’m still dealing with a lot of mental things, emotional things, and the like, but each day brings me one step closer, right? Right.

And with that, it’s time for bed. Good night blogging world…..


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