CrossFit Begins (and my legs are dead)

CrossFit Essentials began tonight and all day long I couldn’t stop wondering how it got here so fast. The closer it got, the more nervous I became about how I would do, what they would make me do, who I would meet, and if I could really start this new life that I’ve been planning.

I walked into my new box (gym) at 5:52PM and breathed a sigh of relief when Scott (owner and trainer at SWCF) immediately said “Hey Becca”. I was in. I was known. This was going to be epic. The class began and within the first 10 minutes, I was panting, and I didn’t stop until 6:50PM.

Now, I’m not going to be posting all my WOD’s (Workout of the day) on this page because personally, I get bored reading everyone else’s, so I won’t make you read mine. I will probably post about awesome things I achieve or totally suck ass at, but that’s about it.

At end, my legs were complete jelly and my body was covered in sweat, but I had never felt so proud in my life. I felt like I had accomplished something very special and tough and that I could now go out and do anything!

I can’t wait until next class!!


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