This week I met Fran

Whew! What a busy two weeks. I’m done with my CrossFit Essentials class which means that next week, I’m allowed in the “big kid” classes. Yep, I’m terrified. The Essentials classes have been awesome, and I’ve loved all the time spent learning proper technique and form. One of our final workouts was Fran which may be one of more dreaded workouts in CrossFit. OK, it was a scaled down version of Fran, but it still kicked my ass. I did finish in 5:01 though, so I was proud of that. I’m very happy with the box (gym) I chose. I love the trainer I’ve worked with, and have a feeling the other trainers will be just as encouraging and supportive. The last class was really tough for me, and I faced my first emotional break-down of this journey. I can only assume there will be dozens more before this is done.

This whole CrossFit thing has been quite the humbling experience. Each time I walk into that building, I want to believe that I’m going to be better/faster/stronger than I am, and each time, I’m instead faced with all of my weaknesses. But, I think this is a key point in the CrossFit experience. It’s to let you see the reality of where you are, so that you can improve, so that you CAN get better/faster/stronger.

What else have I been doing in life? Well, I’m glad you asked. I took a trip to Denver this past weekend to visit my sister and her family and spent lots of time with my beautiful nieces and nephews.

Jada and I went shopping together then stopped for lunch. While waiting for  a table, we decided to make silly faces.

Then we had to ride the little train around the shopping center. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad and I may have had a little fun. 🙂

My sister and brother-in-law took me to a wonderful dinner and a live production of Fiddler on the Roof sans children on Friday night. The wine in Denver is just as good as the wine in Washington.

I agreed to watch five children by myself one day while the parents were away…..they schooled me and I was TIRED by the end of it. Please Lord, do NOT give me twins……

We spent a late afternoon in the park and watched the kids run ’round and ’round and ’round.

And I fell in love with this guy over the course of the 4 days I was there…

See? True love…

It was a great trip, and a much needed break from real life. But, I was very happy to get back to my favorite four-legged girl and my own bed.

I have a lot of great things coming up in the next few weeks: A first date with a boy, my first Huskies game, my first full week of WOD’s, a couple catch-up-with-friends-I-haven’t-seen-in-awhile dates, and a couple “End of Summer” events. I’m really looking forward to seeing where life takes me next and I feel like I’m in a really great place. Hopefully, it just keeps going up.


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