Vegas is coming!!

My two best friends and I are heading to the crazy city of Vegas in less than a month and I am absolutely stoked! It will be my third visit there, and hopefully the best. The first two had not-so-great experiences, so I’m crossing my fingers for an absolutely epic time.

The highlight of the trip will be seeing Elton John perform. I have been dying to see him in concert for a long time, and it just so happened he will be performing the weekend we are there. The tickets have been purchased, and the countdown officially begins!

Other things on our agenda are laying by the pool for hours, a fancy-schmancy dinner, breakfast at either Bellagio, Paris, or Hash House A Go-Go, a little gambling, drinking yard-stick margaritas, lots of laughter, fun and tipsy-times. šŸ™‚ All three of us are taking this pretty chill, and not making hard plans (except for Elton) but just taking life as it happens while we’re there.

I mean seriously, how could us three NOT have fun??

Any recommendations from the land of the internet??


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