Things I learned today

1) Communication in any relationship is key and once it’s done and the issue is resolved, life is great again.

2) When you look at the WOD hours in advance, whatever fear that creeps in and tries to tell you it’s going to be bad and you won’t be able to to it, squash it! And instead, spend the next several hours mentally preparing and telling yourself it’s going to be awesome.

3) Going 8 months without seeing my Seattle family is too long and I have to make it a priority to stay in better touch with them and spend time with them.

4) TRUST YOUR TRAINER. Don’t even bother trying to figure out the best way to scale down your workout. I spent half my day trying to figure out how I was going to scale the WOD so that I could actually finish it. Props to Scott for choosing a workout that kicked my ass but that I could actually finish and feel like I achieved something great before I even had a chance to tell him I thought it should be scaled. (PS: I finished my scaled version of Kelly in 27:16 which is 2:44 seconds before our goal time – YES!)

5) Doing a WOD that has you running through the neighborhood and parallel to a busy street will make you feel both extremely self-conscience and badass at the same time. The one thought that kept me motivated was “HEY! At least I’m doing something and not just sitting on my ass watching TV.”

6) Doing five rounds with kettlebell swings and running requires you to use chalk, or that kettlebell may slip and nearly take you out. :-/

7) ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS believe in yourself, and you will become excellent. I have finished my first full week of workouts and I can already feel myself getting stronger, going a little bit longer in my runs, a little higher in my weights, and a couple more reps. Not huge numbers, but progress nonetheless.

What a phenomenal day! I started off grumpy, waking up late, and just stewing until mid-morning and finished it feeling happy, strong, completely proud of myself, spending some time at the dog park watching my girl run, eating dinner, and finally relaxing on my couch.


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