Strength in numbers

 Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you, more than you can believe in yourself. I think that’s my number one reason why CrossFit is making such a big difference to me, it’s focused on community. Tonight, when it was just me and one other girl left deadlifting our last 9 reps, there were 3 or 4 people cheering us on and one guy who yelled “finish strong ladies!” and it just really motivated me to bust out those last few lifts with everything I had. And when I yelled “time!” and dropped that 75 lb bar, I felt like a rockstar.

The whole time I’m in that gym, I think of no one else except myself, my workout, my goals, and my community there. And today, it was definitely my haven. It was what I needed. With each achievement of new weight or reps or length of time, I find myself more mentally strong, believing more that I can do this, that I can change, and that I can be happy and healthy where I am. Whatever and whomever may or may not come along, I will still be happy and healthy because it’s about myself first.

As soon as I got home and made dinner, I began anticipating Tuesday’s WOD and had to look it up before going to bed. I think that’s a pretty good sign that this is exactly what I need to be doing. I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, but I’m ready for the challenge. This week is my first three-in-a-row workouts, so I’m excited to see how I will feel after it. I’m definitely thinking that next month, I want to hit four times a week as I feel like it’s much more doable for me than I expected it to be.

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