Living life

I love that one weekend, I can be at a crazy house-party with a group of people and the next, I can spend the whole weekend doing very chill hangouts with 1-3 people and have just as much fun. Here’s a recap of my weekend….

Hung out with bff on Friday night as we went through both of our closets for Vegas clothes and a formal event she had to attend this weekend. I love spending time with her. ❤

And as always, when we’re together, it’s the battle of the beer vs. cider. I had a wonderful Oktoberfest beer that totally kicked Strongbow’s ass.

Since I had no set plans for Saturday, I decided to head over to Redmond mid-morning and take Ginger to her favorite dog park. But first, a stop at Starbucks for a little fall treat! And it happened to be a completely beautiful fall day.

Watching this darling girl bound towards me in the tall grass just made my heart feel so full. I love seeing her so happy! I may be heading Eastside a few more times before the rain sets in. Marymoore is such a great dog park!!

And of course, you gotta roll in that tall grass whenever you get a chance.

And then take a breather….

That’s about as far into the water as she would go. What a chicken! Part Golden Retriever my ass! Water = no bueno for this girl!

Instead, she likes to torment the ACTUAL Golden who is ACTUALLY retrieving! *sigh* What a silly girl.

Once back in the city, I decided to go ahead and get my finger and toe nails dolled up for our Vegas trip coming up on Friday! I was torn between pink and red, so I settled on a color in between. I feel pretty sassy with them. BTW, all natural baby! No fake nails for this girl.

Saturday evening, I headed over to my girlfriend’s place for dinner, wine, and chatting. She is a fabulous cook and I’m always excited to see what she has come up with. This time, she decided to make something with duck eggs!

While she cooked, I drank wine, nibbled, and flirted with this big boy! He may be the only cat I really, truly like. He’s like a dog. In fact, Jenn calls him her puppy-cat, and it totally fits!

One of the things I nibbled on was Dolma’s which I had never had before, and while they look disgusting, I have to admit, they were quite tasty!

Dinner is served! It was utterly fabulous and the conversations, laughter, and time spent was everything I wanted for my Saturday evening.

Aaaaaand happy Sunday morning! I like when she still looks sleepy. I headed downtown after getting up to hang out with friends and prepare for the Sounders game, which we won!

And I finally got a picture with George the cup! This is our beloved Cascadia cup trophy, and since I ‘know’ people (not really), I snapped it. unfortunately, it was pretty dark inside.

Hope all your weekends were just as wonderful.

One thought on “Living life

  1. It was wonderful having you over! You’re so brave trying all of my weird food 🙂

    ps. That’s an adorable picture of Moses but I guess I’m biased 😉

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