What happens in Vegas…..

…..ends up in my blog. Just kidding! Well, I’ll give some highlights, but no one gets all the details of what three lovely ladies experience in Sin City.

Yeah…that was AM. :-/ It was quite an early start to get to our vacation.

A little sleepy, but we arrived!!

And as soon as we made it to the hotel and ate “lunch” (at 10:30AM), this is where we remained for the next few hours.

There’s our hotel, looking up from poolside.

Friday night, Sarah and I got all dolled up to see Elton John. I wish I would have noticed the cute boy behind us earlier. 😉

A lot of my pictures of the show are blurry, and there are no close-ups of Elton, but the colors in his show are phenomenal! I’ll post a couple, but won’t bore you with all of them

His band and back-up singers were also amazing!

He did all of his classics, along with a few others I had never heard before. Three songs definitely brought tears to my eyes, and a lump in my throat.

He ended with Circle of Life and the Lion King backdrop which was pretty cool, and definitely gave me goosebumps.

That’s as close a shot as I could get of him. Blurry, but you can still tell he’s wearing a gold-glitter coat which was just wonderful! Definitely worth the money to go and see him. One of my dreams made true.

And I needed a picture of me all dolled up, so this giant shoe worked as my prop. 🙂

Post-Elton, we went in search of food, and ran into a Michael Jackson impersonator. It was pretty impressive.

Saturday morning, out we went in search of breakfast, Deal or No Deal, and a day full of surprises.

Well, we found breakfast! Ok, there was food too, but this was the most important part.

Hooray for our first sisterwives trip! (Ok, we’re not REALLY sisterwives, we’re just three bff’s who somehow came up with that nickname one silly, Friday night and it has stuck ever since – hence the little hand sign)

I mustered up the courage to gamble, and won $12! As soon as I won, I quit. Too stressful!!

Anytime we had to walk somewhere, Sarah and I decided we needed to have “walking beers”. You gotta love those open container laws in Vegas.

Saturday night brought the best meal of my life. We had dinner at Carnevino in the Palazzo hotel, and man, it was straight out of heaven. I have never had a steak so perfect in my life.

We decided on the Paris buffet for brunch, and since we didn’t make it down before 11, we had a lot of time to kill in line.

Sarah and I were pretty swag in our new shades

Sarah & I shared a beautiful time watching the Bellagio fountains and chatting about life. Might have been one of the highlights of the trip for me.

And anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE fireworks, but the fountains are a very close second!

It was the perfect amount of time to spend in Vegas, and I’m happy for the chance to get away for a few days and relax.

Until next time Sin City…..


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