Rescue Me

Since rescuing Ginger, my world has changed a lot. She has given me so much joy and filled a large space in my heart. But, rescuing her has also opened my eyes to something much bigger.


I have always had a soft-spot in my heart for animals, and always thought rescuing was a good idea, but since going through the process of looking for a dog, and learning of how many are out there, looking for great homes, being abused, abandoned, and killed, I have become a huge supporter of rescuing. I try to promote it within my social network as much as possible, and if it comes up in conversation, I always try to find my way in. I’m very passionate about it.

Because of all this, I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I needed to find a way to volunteer some of my time to this cause but I was overwhelmed with how to even begin. I searched around here and there on the internet, trying to figure out how in the world I could help. Finally, one day I decided I was going to buckle down and just find two or three organizations that I thought may fit me and just email them to find out how I could help. Lucky for me, the first one I ran across that stuck out to me was willing and eager to talk to me.

I have a meeting on Wednesday with the director to make sure I’m a good fit, but I don’t foresee any issues. I’m actually a bit nervous to do this as it’s completely outside of anything I’ve ever done, but I feel so strongly about it that I can’t just sit back and ignore it. I’m taking the open doors as a sign that this is what I’m meant to do right now and just trusting that there’s a purpose.

I know I can’t go out and save every dog I run across, but I can at least try and hopefully, when I see the happiness and connection between a new owner and their pet, that will give me the strength to keep going.

Once I have more details, you can be sure I’ll be posting information on here about the experience and hopefully the dogs I get to meet. Stay tuned……

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