Among other things I’ve been doing and pondering over the past couple of months or so, I managed to sneak away to L.A. for a weekend. Our weekend in L.A. was super, duper freaking amazing. I’m not going to say it was so great ALL because of my amazing research and color-coded spreadsheet, but I think it made a very big difference. 🙂

On our way to the hotel, we passed by the WB studios and I screamed. Oh, Ellen, I love you.

Once we got checked in to our room, it was off to find dinner…..but drinks came first. (Sidenote: I am TOO OLD for AMF’s :-/)

Saturday morning, and time for brunch….Roscoe’s chicken and waffles! Was cool to check it out, but have to say, not the best. The waffles were insanely dense. I ate 1/4 of them.

Then we headed up to the Griffith Observatory to get our space on. The views from it were amazing, and of course, there was a lot of cool space stuff inside.


I got this awesome globe ornament as a souvenir since the real globe was like $600.


There were some gorgeous views.


And finally, it was time for Mumford & Sons…..It was everything I could have ever hoped for!


I have enough pictures of this show to fill an entire blog post of it’s own, so I’m only posting a few of my favorites.


They had a fantastic light show and the colors were amazing.


Sunday morning we had a date with WB Studios


What? You expected celebrities to have NORMAL golf cars??


One of the main reasons I wanted to do this tour (and dragged poor Hooch with me) was because I was going to see Gilmore Girls stuff. It did not disappoint. This is the gazebo that was in the middle of Stars Hollow. Unfortunately it was in the process of being used for another show, so it was sitting in a parking lot. Oh well….


One of Clint Eastwood’s cars…..super sexy!


But then I saw this……UBER SEXY!!!!


Central Perk! (Set for Friends)


And I got to sit on the couch!

It was a great weekend away, packed with just enough activities to keep us busy but not so much that we didn’t have time to watch part of a Firefly marathon on TV in our room. 🙂

I can’t believe i packed 4 trips into 4 months. I’m actually ready to take a couple months off of traveling and just hang out at home.


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