All I want for Christmas is you…..

Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas playlist on Spotify has been created. I think I have about 10-12 hours of music thus far in it, so it’s basically all I listen to all day long. I’ve started putting together my list of gifts for those I love, and am now stressing about how to get them all purchased, shipped, wrapped, and delivered on time.

Also, the part that comes along with all this holiday stuff are the holiday parties and performances. Just for work alone I have a holiday happy hour, holiday lunch, and a huge Christmas party. Then I have another party this weekend, along with a theater show and the ballet performance of the Nutcracker next weekend. It’s going to be a very full month. (I haven’t even begun to think about NYE yet)

In all of this, I still have to make time for my favorite girl as she really has not gotten the amount of exercise she needs over the past couple of weeks due to me being gone and also a parvo outbreak in Seattle. But, I’m reserving Saturday morning for her and I to spend some quality time at Marymoore Park. Hopefully she’ll get a lot of energy out, and I’ll get some good pondering/strolling time and funny memories of her flying through the tall grass.

The holiday season is always hard for me, but this year it’s especially hard. I’ve taken to the plan of just putting my head down and getting through it, trying to fill most of my time, but also avoid too many things that may push me over the edge. I’m not watching TV because I don’t want to see the romantic commercials, and I haven’t even watched most of my Christmas movies yet because I don’t want to pretend to be happy and nostalgic. I guess I’m leaning more on the Ebenezer Scrooge side of the line than the Santa Claus side this year. It doesn’t help that I have a cold right now, so on top of grumpy, you can also add stuffy, sneezy, snotty, and hoarse. I’m my own warped version of the Seven Dwarfs.

And on that note, this Dwarf is going to sleep.


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