An Emotional Day

Man, there is so much to post, I don’t know how I will ever find the time to catch up. First, my world has been forever changed by working with SGA. Finding homes for these dogs who have been put in such horrible places has both brought me joy and pain. I love every aspect of working in this area. I love the interaction with people, finding out why they want a dog, watching their eyes light up when their dog gets off of the truck, finding out the next week that they’ve completely fallen in love and can’t imagine their life any other way….it’s an amazing and rewarding way to spend my time. But it is also heartbreaking. I see these dogs who are amazing dogs inside but are so scared and confused from the lives they’ve had to endure. They try to run away because there’s no way of explaining to them that we’ve found them a safe place. They change personalities to protect themselves. I can’t help but recognize so many of my own tendencies that mirror those of my rescue dogs.

One of my favorite dogs that I have had on my case had finally found an amazing home, but because she didn’t know what was happening, she ran away in a moment of panic and now we are fervently looking for her. (Side note: If you live in Seattle, particularly in the Ballard/Crown Hill area, will you keep an eye out for her?? ) It breaks my heart that she is out alone in the city, without food or water, just running scared. I want her to know how much she is loved, how badly this family wants to love her and give her the life that she deserves. I will be out walking the neighborhood tonight with Ginger, hoping and praying that I spot her and that Ginger can convince her to come close.

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