Finding Passion

I have never really been someone who has aspired to have a high-profile career. Of course, I have to work to provide for myself, but as long as I could have a job that I liked with a salary to give me the kind of life I wanted, then that was good enough for me. And right now, I truly have that. My job is great, much less stress than my previous job. My boss is amazing. And I work for a company that truly cares about it’s employees. But, am I passionate about what I do? Not really. I’m good at it, I understand it, I enjoy it. But, I’m not passionate about it.

The last 4 weeks of working with SGA has brought to the surface a lot of different emotions in me but the most prevalent is passion. Waking up every morning and going through my emails from applicants, seeing who the new dogs assigned to me are, calling and speaking with references, all of these things bring out a drive in me, a passion that I cannot explain. Yes, it can be frustrating but I can’t help but continue to find joy and fulfillment in this. And you know what? I’m really good at it! I’ve always enjoyed connecting people, finding things in common and getting conversations started. My work with SGA is similar, except instead of two people, it’s one person and a dog. But it’s my job to listen to what they say, and translate those things into a furry pal. So far, I’ve already had one dog adopted one put on a trial adoption (the pup who ran away) and this week I have four more going to trial adoptions, and two lined up for next week.

I don’t really know what the future holds for me or how this passion will evolve in my life over the next few years, but I’m excited and curious to find out. I can’t help but feel immense gratitude for the journey I’ve taken to get to this place. I feel very lucky to have found something so special to me.

PS: As an update, Joy is still missing but has been spotted twice. There is an organized search tomorrow morning, so we’re hoping she comes out of hiding. Everyone cross your fingers, toes, and paws!!!

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