And sore….

I know I kind of just dropped off the grid in regards to my CrossFit journey so I thought it was time that I caught everyone up to date on what’s been going on. I ended my membership with the CrossFit gym for a few different reasons. The owner of that gym was amazing, but unfortunately, the classes he taught weren’t conducive to my schedule. Ultimately, I found that it wasn’t what I was looking for. I gave it 2 months and maybe that wasn’t long enough, but I couldn’t justify the costs any longer to “hope” I changed my mind. My gut instinct is generally pretty good, so I went with it.

Since then, I’ll admit that it’s been hard to find motivation to get back on the exercise horse. The month of December as a whole was not a great time, so that definitely did not help. But in January, I made it through the door of my gym and have been pretty consistent since.

I realized that the best lessons learned from the CrossFit experience were how to use weights correctly. I am able to grab a Kettlebell and do some swings and also throw some weight on bar and do some back squats and push presses without feeling like I look like a girl who has no idea what she is doing. Before, I would have never even ventured towards the weights but now I feel like I can incorporate strength training with my cardio workouts. Hooray! 🙂 I also tend to watch people at the gym and copy what they’re doing sometimes if it looks cool hard.

I contemplated changing gyms, finding new classes, and abandoning working out altogether, but I’ve decided to just stick with what I have right now, try to push myself as hard as I can 3-4 times a week, watch my eating habits, and see how I’m doing in 6 months.

Finding a new routine can be a pain the….well, you know, but I’m telling myself it will be worth it. In June, I’ll see where I am, see how I’m feeling, and decide then if there are any changes I want/need to make.

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