Finding Joy

Joy has been found! After 10 days of roaming/running the streets of Seattle, scared, hungry, tired and wet, Seattle Animal Shelter received a call from a family who had Joy in their backyard. The officer was able to catch her and recognize her from the gazillion posters that had been placed around the area and her Facebook page. I had the pleasure of speaking with Tracy after she had gotten Joy back in her arms and could hear the relief and joy in her voice. She told me on that phone call that there was going to be no more “trial” period for Joy, that she was home, and that Tracy and her family wanted to officially adopt her. I was ecstatic! This poor puppy has been through so much in her short life, and now she is home, forever. She now gets be the puppy she’s supposed to be, enjoying love and treats in abundance! I know in my heart that Tracy and her family are the perfect place for Joy and I wish her a very long and healthy life.


Along the way, I’ve also run into a couple other amazing dogs that, while not perfect, have the potential to be great with the right amount of love, training, and patience. Meet Stella:


Isn’t she a doll?? She’s actually not as small as she looks all folded up in my backseat. I’m currently trying to find a great home for Stella (hopeful that I’ll find it this weekend!). She’s a young dog at a bit over a year old and full of life and energy. She loves to run and chase balls. She loves, loves, LOVES attention from anyone and tends to show it in inappropriate ways (jumping up to greet). And while a lot of people will shy away from a dog like Stella because of her energy, I admire the people who step up and say they are willing to take it on because they know the same secret that I do: Those dogs are usually the BEST dogs once you begin training them. I know that Stella will make an amazing family pet with the right people who will give her lots of attention but also set clear boundaries for her and consistently train her. She’s smart and athletic and ultimately a love-bug.

Meet Teddy:


Teddy is probably the most mellow 90lb dog you’ll EVER meet. He is so chill, nothing rattles him. But poor Teddy doesn’t have a home, and while we thought we had one for him, sadly, the people changed their minds, so now he back waiting. Along the way, he got attacked at a vet’s office, then a skin infection. The poor guy has had a rough go of it the last few weeks, but I’m hoping and praying that someone steps up to love him forever. He really is a gentle giant, deserving of a great home.

You may be wondering, “Becca, you seem to be spending all your time with other dogs. What about Ginger??” Oh, don’t you worry, that girl gets LOTS of my time, and ALL of my love and devotion on a daily basis. In fact, I love her so much that when she doesn’t smell so good, I prepare myself for the battle that is the “dog bath” and put up with looks like this after it:


We’ve also found a new park that we have been frequenting with a few other dogs that also go there regularly. They all have become fast friends. Since it isn’t technically a dog park, there aren’t a bajiliion dogs running around, so we’ve been able to work on chasing/retrieving balls, recalls, and sit/stays. Since I take her right after work, she hasn’t had dinner yet and therefore is pretty food-motivated which is good. (hmm, that reminds me that I need to restock the treats container!)


Now doesn’t that look like a happy and motivated dog?? 🙂

All in all, we’re doing really well and coming up to our one-year anniversary in March. I haven’t decided how we’ll celebrate yet, but I know it’ll be fun and yummy!

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