Fed up

I have had it up to here (insert pic of me lifting arm above head) with selfish, flaky people thinking they should be allowed to own dogs. I am seriously done sugar-coating, being nice, and letting them think they can walk all over me and/or my dogs. Nope, Ms. Nice Gal is over. You want a dog? Prepare to go through the ringer before you get one!

This past week was the worst week of volunteering. I had adopters not give a dog more than 2 hours before deciding it needed to go back (no fault of the dog’s), I had an adopter abandon a dog at the vet’s office, I had one adopter flip-flop back and forth 3 times of if he wanted to keep a dog, and I had another adopter back out last minute on a meet-and-greet. I’m over people. They all suck. You know what’s the worst part? All of the dogs that have been affected have been awesome dogs! None of them have had major problems. Sometimes, we have dogs that come up who end up being aggressive with other dogs, or maybe they hate cats that may be in a home, but these four different dogs this week had no issues whatsoever. They were all just victims of assholes.

I’m still trying to learn balance in this volunteering gig because I know that it could easily take over my life and turn into full-time level of work, but that’s not what I can handle right now. Yes, this is amazing work when I find the right dog for the right person, but when you have a week where people are just being awful and your dogs are suffering because of it, it’s a whole different feeling, and one that is not affecting me well.

Despite the few moments of joy this week, overall, it’s been a really tough week to handle.

One thought on “Fed up

  1. Chuckle…. ask me why we ended up with 12, deciding not to rehome the 2 e-lists, a foster and the stray that wandered in (being #’s 8, 9, 10 and 12) go ahead, ask 🙂 People wanted our Slugger and Emmi because of their before and after pictures, but didn’t seem to care who they were inside. In Emmi’s case, her medical issues were the primary reason she was a keeper. In Slugger’s case, everyone we met seemed to think he would be happy isolated in a back yard. We brought him back from the brink and made him feel a part of a family. To have gone through all that only to have him end up in a back yard, all alone… wasn’t going to happen!

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