Spring vacations!!!

My next round of travels has officially been planned and I AM STOKED!!!! In April, I’m taking a much-needed long weekend get-a-way to one of the nearby islands to hang out in a hot tub, cook amazing food, watch nature, walk on the beach, do some hiking and just enjoy company and my pup. I cannot wait!! We have this amazingly cute little house reserved for us and yes, I already have a little spreadsheet going.

And when April showers bring May flowers, I’ll be flying cross-country to the Big Apple. That’s right, I’m heading to New York City for a glorious 6 days and 5 nights! I have been dying to go to NYC but was just waiting for the right time and it has happened. We’ll be staying in a little vacation apartment, so it will feel like we’re REAL New Yorker’s….maybe. 🙂 I have so many things I want to do that I know we won’t get to all of them, but 6 days should give us enough time to do at least a good percentage of them.

Once back from NYC, it’s one day of rest, then I’m back on the road for a long weekend in Whistler BC to again, hang out in a hot tub, do some hiking, shopping, bicycling, and relaxing. This will be the first 10 days in a row that I’ve had off in over two years and I simply cannot wait!

And there you have it. I will be jet-setting soon enough, and once that’s over, it’ll be hiking season here in the PNW and then it will be time to start planning my fall trips.

Life is pretty good. 🙂


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