Agility Class #2

We had our second agility class on Saturday and boy did we work the dogs’ brains! We practiced the A-frame about 8-10 times in a row to really re-enforce the technique. We also started incorporating stopping at the end of the ramp instead of just running off of it. Ginger was a pro (of course) and by the last few times, I didn’t even really need to hold her leash as she just took off up the ramp, down the other side to her treat.

Next, it was on to weave poles. Ah yes, my favorite! I just think it’s so cute to watch dogs learn the weave poles, you can almost see their minds working. Ginger required some luring the first couple of times, but after that, it was easy to get her in the poles and making her way to the end. She only tried to jump out of the wires once. Now she just needs to associate the commands with the particular action and we’ll be good. 🙂

I started her in agility as a way of exercising her mind, and something fun for us to do together, but she catches on so quickly, that I’m now beginning to wonder if she could actually compete! She’s really quick on her feet, catches on fast, so as long as I can get her to focus only on me in the arena instead of all the chaos going on, she might have a real shot of winning! It warms my little puppy-mama’s heart. Of course, that decision is a ways down the road, but I like the idea of it right now. I really wish I could get pics or videos of her learning the different pieces of equipment, but I can’t film and command at the same time.

Overall, it’s a lot more fun than basic obedience and her long nap on the car ride home told me we did a good job wearing her out. 🙂


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