Exciting news!!!

I’m officially an REI member!!! 😉 OK, maybe it’s not that exciting, but if you knew how long those employees have been badgering me to be a member, you would understand.

After our agility class, it was pouring down rain on the Eastside and I knew I had a long night of rain ahead of me sitting in GA at the Sounders game, so instead of pointing my car West on I-90, I turned East and headed to Issaquah to the land of rain coats…REI. I walked in with a mission: A waterproof jacket and walked out with a beautiful, bright pink/red waterproof, fitted jacket that has all the bells and whistles I need. But the little old lady who saw me trying it on saw that my guard was down, came over, told me how great the jacket looked on me, and asked if I was a member. I was a goner. So, here I am, the proud owner of a new rain coat, and an REI member for life. I suppose it was time as I foresee many dollars being spent there as hiking season gears up in the next month or so. I might as well rack up some dividends. 🙂

You know what the ironic part of that whole story was? It didn’t even RAIN at the game!!! *sigh* Oh well, I still love my jacket…..and my membership.

Speaking of the game, what a great time! I sat in GA with my people, sang, danced, enjoyed some beer, laughed, cheered, got really angry when Portland scored, and then continued the fun through the rest of the night with great friends.

Speaking of great friends, there is an awesome new group of people that I’m getting to know right now, and I am digging them. It’s so rare that 15 strangers can come together and everyone get along, have common interests, tease each other, be serious with each other….it’s definitely a God-thing, and yeah, I’m totally digging it. I look forward to many more fun times with these people and I’ll try and share those fun stories with you. 🙂

I’m a little scattered tonight, and also very tired, so hopefully all that up there made sense because I’m not going back and re-reading it. It’s bedtime yo! Night!


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