Friends of friends of friends

As we grow and evolve, we tend to make friends in multiple circles, or maybe not everyone does that, but that’s what has happened in my life. I remember there being a period of my life where all of my friends were all connected, and then something happened, and suddenly I found myself less 5 close friends. It was a big learning experience for me, and from there, I started making friends in various circles, and while a majority of my friends know each other, it’s not often that all of them are all together at once.

So, because we all have friends in various areas, what happens when those circles come together and some people don’t fit in with the other circles, or worse, don’t like the other circles? If you’re friends with one person, are you required to be friends with the others? I don’t think so, however, it helps if you can at least socialize with them. But….what if you can’t even really do that? What if that particular group/circle/person just isn’t someone you can really connect with on any level? What about when the group is very cliquish? How do you handle those issues? I’m sure it’s different for each person depending on how social or introverted they are. Next, what happens when those friend circles become bigger and bigger, and you’re more on the outskirts? When do you decide that a friendship has moved too far and it’s best to just let it naturally drift? I’ve always been a huge proponent for fighting for your relationships, for doing whatever you had to to make them work, but I wonder a little bit if that’s not always the right answer. Sometimes, I think it’s OK to not be the only person fighting for everything.


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