Poo Poo Point

It makes sense that my 100th post would be about our first big hike of 2013. 🙂 We chose Poo Poo Point because neither of us had done the hike before, we wanted to start off with a relatively easy hike, and it was close so we wouldn’t have to drive hours to get there. IMG_2561

9AM and we were ready to hit the trail (once we found it!)


Crazy devil trail dog on the loose!! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the trail was extremely dog friendly and most everyone had their dogs off leash so Ginger got to do most of the hike on her own which was nice for both of us.


We made it to the bridge and I decided it was time for pics, however the bridge moved/bounced when people walked on it, so I didn’t stay on it for too long as it freaked me out!! Regardless, there’s my fabulous hiking buddy!


Nature always amazes me.


See that blue sky up there???? We made it to the top!!!!!!!


Tired and hungry, but we made it!!


Ginger was excited for a break too.


Just hanging out on the turf.


Gorgeous views of Lake Sammamish at the top.


And then the paragliders showed up!!!! It was amazing to watch them get setup and then…..


They just ran off the edge of the mountain and there they went. It was nuts!

But always remember…..


Hiking is dangerous. 😦 Yeah, I took a bit of a tumble on the way down, but thankfully I was OK.


But, at the end of it all, there is nothing like an ice cold beer as a reward for a hike well done!!


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