Men who love Jesus….

So, I’m a Christian. I’ll start there. However, without giving the long, detailed story, suffice it to say I’m not a traditional Christian. I’m pretty open-minded and I’m always up for a stimulating and challenging conversation. It’s been hard for me to find people who fit in my category, especially when it comes to men I would date. But, over the past year, I’ve decided it is a requirement that the next guy I date share the same faith values as me, even though it’s been few and far between that I have met guys who shared my values in the same way.

However, something interesting is happening and I’m beginning to meet more and more guys (and gals) who have that same outlook as I do and it’s really making me happy!! It doesn’t mean that I want to date all of them, but it gives me comfort just knowing they’re out there. The fact that they share my faith is the most important part to me, but not only do they have faith, but they also have other characteristics that I am drawn to (sarcastic sense of humor, artistic, educated, grounded, mature, physically active, outdoorsy, manly).

Let me back up a moment and explain. I had fallen completely in love with the last guy I dated, and when we broke up, I wasn’t sure I would ever find a guy like him again. There were so many random things that made him into a very unique individual, and while no one will ever be just like him, I love that I’ve met several men who have similar characteristics but who also have the added characteristic of faith.

So, I have renewed hope that one day, a man will look at me and see all of my unique qualities and want to pursue that further. I have a resolved decision to not settle for less, knowing that having our faith be the fundamental element that brings us together will keep us together through the challenging times.

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