Whidbey Island

What a beautiful and quiet place! It was exactly what I was looking for for a relaxing weekend.

I took Friday off in order to run errands and prepare for the weekend. Plus, who doesn’t like to just have a random day off during the week? First stop was to get Ginger’s nails trimmed. Guess what? She HATES doing that.


Poor baby girl. 😦 But, it was necessary, and now her toes are happier.


Then it was on to clean my car for trip, except that apparently everyone and their mom also wanted to clean their cars, so I had to wait. Why are all of these people not working on a Friday?!


We made it to the island! First stop, a pint and lunch. We found this cute English pub where we drank good beer, and ate seafood before going along our merry way.


There were storms rolling in when we arrived, which made for some gorgeous blues and greys in the sky.


This is my “I’m on vacation!” face.


We made it to our house just in time for the rain to start, which created even more beautiful views. This is the view out of our main livingroom windows.


The best part of this vacation was that my gorgeous girl was able to join, and she loved it!


The next morning, while enjoying my coffee, I had the pleasure of watching two deer trek across our backyard. They are such beautiful creatures!


We took a stroll down to the beach, which was secluded and empty. Ginger was able to run around a bit, and we strolled along, looking for shells and other random fun things.


While there was a TV with cable at the house, we kept it chill and quiet with blues music, board games and books. (I lost in cribbage, very upsetting)


The next day afforded us a beautiful sunset, which I quite literally sat and watched.


Could you ask for anything better?


Well, a fireplace sure wouldn’t hurt. It made the chilly evenings much cozier. I didn’t take any pictures of the hot tub, but we had one of those as well.


C.S. Lewis, a complex Merlot, cozy fire, and beautiful sunset….it was a perfect night.


She wasn’t ready to go home (and neither was I), but alas, it had to come to an end. It was a wonderful weekend, and a great way to start off my spring vacations. I’m starting the one month countdown until NYC which means it’s time to really start planning. 🙂


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