Terms of Endearment

I have this thing with nicknames, I just love them. However, I’m kind of the worst with coming up with them. It’s rare that I give people a unique nickname. I usually steal one that someone else calls them. But, I’ve been fortunate to have very creative friends who have always found names (some of which I hated) for me. The one girl I am good with nicknaming is Ginger (even then, I’ve stolen a couple from other friends). So, since I’m home and still sick, I thought I would list out some of the fun names I’ve been called, and some of Ginger’s names as well.

1) Becs
2) My Becca
3) Beebs
4) Superstar
5) Rabbers
6) BFF
7) Buchs (dislike this one greatly)
8) Ginger (ironic, I know)
9) Cara

1) Ginger Lou
2) Baby Girl
3) Ginge
4) Little Stink Pot
5) Silly
6) Pretty Girl

Maybe most people will find this post stupid and boring, but I guess I just love the personal touch that nicknames give. It makes me feel special and unique to the person, and that’s a really big deal to me (and probably to most people). So, if you know me, I encourage you to give me a nickname. 🙂


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