3 days to vacation!

Oh man, I can’t believe I leave for New York City in 3 days! The past month or so has been pretty tough on me, and I’ve been just pushing to get through so that I could have 10 days of fun with no worries or stress. So, what have I been doing to push through? I’m glad you asked…..


On Cinco de Mayo, I learned how to make Mojitos which was very exciting. They’re my new favorite drink of the summer!


I enjoyed a spectacular sunset with friends on a rooftop, laughing and enjoying great beer.


I watched this tiny dog eat a bone that was nearly half his size. It was comical.


More good times with these crazy people. 🙂 I wonder why BFF’s head looks like it’s not really connected to her body??


I played putt putt golf with these crazy girls and came from losing horrible to 2nd place by two points. I felt pretty good about that. 🙂


Awe, pictures together…


BFF found “unconventional” ways of putting…


Post-putt putt drinks then followed with dinner made for an excellent girls’ night out.


Finally, I found a special package in my mailbox this weekend all the way from Italy, and it made me smile and miss him lots.

In short, I’ve kept fairly busy. I’m also contemplating finding a roommate and moving to a house so that Ginger could have a yard. I love the idea of a garden and washer and dryer, and even the idea of having someone around more often as living alone gets….well, lonely sometimes. I haven’t made any final decisions yet, but once I’m back from vacation, I’ll start really thinking about it.

I also decided that in order to start dating, I need to start finding new ways of meeting men, so I’ve signed up for salsa lessons that begin this week. I’ve always wanted to take dance lessons, but going alone is scary. However, I’m pushing through it and am hoping I’m rewarded with a good experience.

For the next three days, I will stay busy (seeing the new Star Trek movie tonight, errands tomorrow, Salsa lesson on Thursday and packing) and then come Friday, I will check out of daily life and embrace vacation!


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