My rant on online dating

Now that I’ve decided that I am ready to date again, I’ve been trying to put myself out there: Going to more social functions, being available to meet new people, etc. But I haven’t felt like it’s been productive enough aka I haven’t been on a date yet. So, I’ve been contemplating online dating. I’ve done it a couple of times throughout my adult life and have never really had a great experience with it, so I’ve been pretty hesitant.

At any rate, I activated an old account with one of the free websites to test the waters. It’s been about a week and I’m already frustrated and annoyed. I hate online dating because it gives people this sense of being able to “pick the best” person out there, filtering out the people they’re not interested in. Now, I understand that there are certain things that people require in a relationship (example: I am firm on wanting a Christian guy) but the more profiles I read through, the questions answered, the more it feels like men out there are looking for the perfect 10, and not a normal girl. And yes, I think for 90% of the online dating men, it comes down to a girl’s looks above everything else and while I know there needs to be attraction, I just can’t help but feel like they’re judging attraction from a still picture instead of based on a whole, living, moving, breathing, talking person. I hate it. Maybe I’m not a perfect blond bombshell, but I don’t think I’m unattractive. I think I’m pretty cute, and if I add in all of my other qualities, I find myself to be quite a catch. So, what the hell is the problem? Why don’t the online dating guys see that? Is it my fault for not having a “catchy enough” profile?

I think that online dating just isn’t for me. It angers me more than it intrigues me. I just want to organically meet a guy and feel that connection. I want to know that the conversation is there, the banter is there, the attraction to all parts (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally) is there. I want to be able to be myself and not feel like I’m proving myself to someone.

So, that’s my rant. I may leave my profile up for another week, or maybe through my vacation, but then, I think I’m done. It’s just not worth it.


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