Canada and the BFF

When I arrived home from NYC, I had exactly 13 hours until I left again for Canada. In those 13 hours, I unpacked, repacked, took Ginger to the dog park, watched TV, slept, and prepared for the next round of fun. First stop in Canada was Surrey for the Mumford and Sons concert. Yep, it’s true, I was able to see M&S for the second time in 6 months. I feel so lucky!!

There were 5 of us staying at the same hotel, and another person staying at another hotel, so a party of 6 we were. The problem with seeing M&S this time was that nothing will ever compare to my 10th row seats at the Hollywood Bowl, and with this venue being GA and flat meant that we really couldn’t see anything. Combine it with it being a park in the town so noise had to be contained, meant that we couldn’t hear that well either. About halfway through, we gave up our space and spent the remainder in the beer garden where we could at least see the projectors. Afterwards, it was food and drinks, and then sleep.

Waking up the next morning, we packed up from our one night stay and headed north to Whistler where BFF and I spent a lazy 4 days playing cards, sitting in the hot tub, swimming, shopping, walking, and watching TV. A few things I learned on this trip: Canadians do NOT know good beer; Canadians can hold their own with BBQ; And Poutine is delicious!


This was the view at night from our condo over-looking the pool…..BEA-U-TIF-FUL!


Again, with the lights.


I finally found a worthy IPA in Canada. I won’t even talk about the beer they were serving at the concert. BLECH.


I also found a great red to go with the steak I grilled for dinner one night.


BFF, connecting to her ROOTS. πŸ˜‰


Mmmmm!!! This girl can grill a damn good steak!!!!



The Olympic rings


BFF in her Gold Medal pose.




They let us back in!! Hooray!


BFF’s getting ready to cross into Canada


Our view out the hotel window in Surrey before the Mumford and Sons concert.



Three lovely ladies heading out to see our favorite UK boys!


2/5 of our group aka the love-birds.


The girls πŸ™‚





Beer-gardening it up!


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